Just In A Word offers a personalised business language service, so every job is different. However, I appreciate that you might want an indication of cost before you get in touch to talk in detail about a potential project, so here are a few examples.

Each price includes research time and multiple checks of the translated text to ensure accuracy. You are of course also paying for my years of experience and business acumen.

  • A day at a conference, consecutive, sym or chuchotage, with all preparation time necessary to ensure I know any technical terms or other phrases relevant to your event – from £350.
  • Two days travel interpreting from, including my preparation and continuous support as well as the business travel know-how and cultural guidance – from £700.
  • Interpreting at a business contract negotiation meeting – from £50 per hour
  • Organizing a two-day business trip to meet your potential partners – from £40
  • Translating and localizing your company’s website – from £60 per tab
  • Translation of a 10 page contract or company policies – from £25 per page
  • Transcreation of your company’s promotional slogan – from £30

I’d love to talk about your next project!

For a no-obligation chat and an accurate quote, just give me a call on

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