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Remote & Hybrid Events

What is Remote or Hybrid Interpreting?

Modern technology offers myriad solutions for holding remote and hybrid meetings, webinars and events. With their growing popularity comes remote and hybrid simultaneous interpreting – a technology interface solution enabling interpreters to connect to the online event via designated RSI platform and interpret simultaneously across borders and time zones from the comfort of their remote booth or a specialised hub. For a smaller scale meeting, a patchwork of various communication platforms and devices can be created so that you can access its content fully and speak up when needed.

Is it for me?

There’s really no limit to the application of remote and hybrid interpreting. I have experience with a live-streamed online political rally for 30,000 people and a business meeting for 5. I have interpreted during webcasts, virtual medical research investigators meetings, Committee of Regions Plenary Sessions, as well as interviews, consultancy feedback sessions and sales pitches. Remote interpreting is the best solution for you if:

you need to hold an urgent meeting with someone on the other side of the globe
you prefer to join an event online rather than to travel
you want to have access to content available solely online

Did you know?

Remote interpretation requires a rather detailed, specialised understanding of various technology solutions needed to deliver and not disappoint. A remote booth like mine has to be quiet and well equipped with high-quality audio and unfailing internet connectivity. A remote interpreter must be able to leverage modern technology. They must know their round-abouts and ins-and-outs of RSI platforms and systems and to navigate them without hesitation when it matters most for you.